A Closer Look and a Direction to Choose

“The worst thing that can happen in a democracy–as well as in an individual’s life–is to become cynical about the future and lose hope: that is the end, and we cannot let that happen.”
Entering the Javits Center on November 8th, there was an unwavering anticipation in the air – an energetic buzz that slowly began to fill the room as large masses of people piled in to witness history.  The first woman president, the shattering of the glass ceiling.


I heard snippets of conversation from every direction as I made my way through the crowd.
“They’ll call it by 11.  As long as she clinches Florida, it’s over.”
          “It’ll be an early night, for sure.”
But as the hours passed, America witnessed an unexpected turn.  State by state, hope began to fade, and spirits began to fall.  By about 2:30 a.m., long after the [unofficial] predicted call-time, an announcement filled with uncertainty dismissed everyone back to their homes.
The next morning, most people woke up to find an outcome that was not only undesirable, but to so many voters, absolutely unthinkable.
However, in the months following this election, the nation has faced this adversity head-on, making their voices heard and rapidly responding to the acts of injustice that have spewed from the current administration.
The people took it upon themselves to make endless phone calls and donations, write letters and postcards, and spend countless days out in the streets protesting.
And while hatred and injustice is still a prominent part of this nation, as it has been for most of its history, this election has served as a sort of turning point for our society- a wake up call.  People are realizing that there is no room for complacency within an administration that is not out to serve the masses.  It has forced us to acknowledge the long history of injustice that preceded this turn of events, and has pushed us to actively work towards changing our current path.


As people fill the streets, write letters, and make phone calls – all of which are incredibly important contributions – it is important to remember that we must also consider where we go next.  Is it possible to fix our current system, or is it time to build a new model to live within?



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