critical missing

blue shirt
khaki pants
pink boots
125 pounds with a
light complexion
brown eyes
5’7 in height
her clothing
description is


it says on the form
anonymous tips
and it says on the form
we care,
do you?

do you?

a black leather jacket
a navy blue shirt
grey pants
and blue sneakers
medium complexioned
last seen in the 200 block of I Street
25-year-old may
be in need of medication
last seen wearing
eye glasses
and Nike style sweatpants
a navy blue sweater
with initials
on the front
and 13-years-old
and 13-years-old,
clothing unknown
and a school uniform,
and an orange hoodie,
military style long pants,
white tennis shoes
and 13-years-old
or 15, or 16,
or anonymous
or it claims on the form
we care,
do you?

do you?
care in the
amber alert left unsounded
and care in the cases
left unsolved
and in the sisters,
taken from their lives
Ivanhoe Street Southwest on Friday
and Maryland Avenue northeast
and 1900 block of Massachusetts
and Kimi Grey Court, SE, on Wednesday
and 4700 5th Street
and Northwest Friday
and anonymous
and all the care,
the overwhelmed unreported care,
because the form says
we care—
do you?

and this isn’t new
and this isn’t news, to them
and why is it—
the babies they kill,
the babies they lose,
and why is it—
my sisters, siblings,
my daughters last seen
last seen
last seen—
and nothing, nothing, nothing
from the we that cares

and on the news,
and in the presses,
all the pale faces,
blonde heads,
the talking political
and everyone saying
safe – safe – safe
seal the border,
shoot the nigger and
do it fast, do it fast
to keep us
safe – safe – safe –

but where’s
my safe?
where’s the safe
i can give my daughter
so when this moment
of almost-care passes
she’s not just another number:
last seen someplace
and last seen,
the last she’ll ever
be seen

it is not acceptable
to me, to bury
my child
in the womb
to add her
to my sisters
to the families,
mourning with
silent alerts
and alerts silenced
it is not acceptable,
the silence…

and it says on the form
we care,
do you?

but still, my sisters,
my others,
my grey and pink sneakers
my hunter green tie
my light blue polo
red hair
sky blue sneakers
orange hoodie
my belt and brown eyes
my black skin
my magic—unknown

because this isn’t new.
because it is what it is.
because it’s a risky investment,
they tell us,
being a black girl.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of the missing teens, please contact 202-727-9099.

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